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  • So just what is my club?
    So just what is my club?

    As I sit here pondering my next away trip to Burton Albion just what am I going to support?

    Trying to explain to a non football fan just why we do it is hard, you either seem to get it or you don’t. We all know a club is not it’s players, players come and go, hero’s are made (Iwan Roberts if yo...

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  • An objective view from south of the border
    An objective view from south of the border

    We can easily get clouded on what’s happening in our backyard. A Town fan takes time out to compare both clubs…

    City seem to lack any kind of consistency this season. I’ll sum it up as pretty football with no end product from what I’ve seen. The Canaries still have quality players for this level...

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  • Who’s to blame, and when will things change?
    Who’s to blame, and when will things change?

    A devastating two-month run of eight defeats from eleven matches has marred the first half of the 2017/18 season for everyone connected to Norwich City.

    In these situations, fans inevitably seek to assign blame as naturally, frustration is easier to vent if you have a source to direct it at. It s...

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  • No more heroes anymore
    No more heroes anymore

    Fans this season have been complaining about the bland football on show at Carrow Road, from lack of chances created to poor defending and a seeming reluctance from anyone to try and take the game by the scruff of the neck.

    Whilst the squad no doubt has some talent (Mr Maddison being one), there...

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  • Time for a radical re-think?
    Time for a radical re-think?

    As one of those persistently irritated by the constantly reinforced myth that professional football came into existence in 1992, the end of the first quarter-century of the Premiership seems an appropriate time to consider its future direction.

    Setting aside the perceived strengths of the “best...

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  • Sit or stand?
    Sit or stand?

    Life was so simple as a kid. On a Friday at junior school we would discuss who is going to the game on Saturday? Were any dads providing lifts? What time would we meet in the City or at the ground? If you were short in height, it was either get there early to get to the front of the River end of Sou...

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