Daniel Farke

Daniel Fark-er    •    30/10/1976    •    German

Career history

June 2003 SV Lippstadt (Striker)
March 2004 Wilhelmshaven
May 2006 Bonner SC
May 2006 SV Lippstadt
June 2007 SV Meppen
July 2008 SV Lippstadt
April 2009 SV Lippstadt (Manger)
August 2009 Retired as player
November 20015 Borussia Dortmund II
July 2017 Norwich City Head Coach

Points of interest

Managed SV Lippstadt for 122 games 1.55 points average
Managed Borussia Dortmund II for 56 games 1.93 points average
Managing Norwich City for 24 games 1.38 points average
Studied economics at Paderborn University whilst a palyer
After playing wanted to be a Sporting Director rather than a Coach
A dominant figure at SV Lippstadt, a fifth-tier club he transformed on and off the pitch. Left after delivering success and a new stadium
Retired from playing, aged 31 to take a Coaching course
Started management as a Sporting Director at SV Lippstadt whilst having to handle coaching responsibilities in the short term – won nine of his first ten games!
Led SV Lippstadt from the fifth to the third tier of German football
Replaced David Wagner (Who moved onto Huddesfield Town) at Borussia Dortmund
Daniel’s father, Franz played for Dortmund in the 1950’s
Considers his style to be similar to Thomas Tuchel (Dortmund head coach) and Pep Guardiola


Like to be in possession
Pressing, winning the ball and immediately moving forward
Playing the ball out from defence
Having a plan B, C and D
A team who can sometimes play 4-1-4-1, sometimes 3-5-2, sometimes 4-2-3-1 as the game dictates

  • Daniel Farke
  • 30th October 1976
  • German
  • 1st July 2017
  • 30th June 2019

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