Who can we seriously call a Norwich City legend?

Who can we seriously call a Norwich City legend?

I was one of the 18,000+ who made the effort to witness the recent and entertaining 'City Legends' game against Inter Forever and for me the opposition team name seemed far more appropriate than the one we adopted.

Initially, It was interesting to see who I could still recognise in a City shirt without seeing their name and number, some have changed far more than others in both appearance and performance. The 'standouts' for me were Hucks still looking exactly the same as when he last turned out for us and help by regular appearances for Cringleford veterans FC on alternate Sundays. Attacking, pace and not quite sure whether to twist, stick, cross or shoot, however still terrorising the defender as they backtrack in a panic.

Holt was aggressive as usual, making great runs and always looking for the ball.

John Polston pulled off his usual feat or providing an own goal.

Mulryne, Safri, Eadie and McVeigh still showed their inventiveness and vision. Andy Marshall, whose goalkeeping skills and athleticism was an absolute joy to watch, played Dick Dastardly to the stadium boos whilst the portly Gunny rose to the occasion as resident Court Jester and probably was first to the post game buffet table.

The question begs, just how many of the 26 lads in the egg and cress kit can really consider themselves to be Canary legends?

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Football writers and commentators regularly get too exited and exaggerate claims such as a Premiership player (who performs in a league incapable of producing European championship winning team) being the best player in the world. 'Legend' is yet another overly and cheaply used word in their vocabulary. 

The definition reads… “an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field”.  Synonyms include: celebrity, star, superstar, icon, genius, phenomenon, giant, big name and megastar.   Basking in the glorious May weather, when I should have been playing cricket, I got the chance to watch City who included the likes of Mark Walton who made 22 appearances and Scott Howie who got two whole opportunities to impress in his City career. Lee Power got 39 goes up front and Spencer Prior chipped in with 74 run outs.

In 2002, NCFC set up the Hall of Fame to recognise City players, coaches, managers, directors and executives who have 'made the greatest contribution to the club in its long history both on and off the pitch' a list that now stands at 119 and interestedly includes a certain Andy Marshall. 

For me City playing legends who I have watched, can be counted maybe on one hand, two at the questionable outside. Lads who have stood out for me are Martin Peters, Duncan Forbes and David Stringer and more recently Grant Holt.

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