What's the point of being a fringe player at Norwich City?

What's the point of being a fringe player at Norwich City?

Watching the Barnsley game on Tuesday and if my memory serves me correctly, it was around the 61st minute when the Norwich City defence had just tracked back to clear another purposeful Tykes attack. In the 18 yard box stood Christoph Zimmerman leaning forward with his hands on his knees and attempting to take in oxygen from any available orifice. We were told he was still ill from before the weekend hence being on the bench against Hull and was still unwell.

It amazes me that we have a fit, ready to go, centre back in Sean Raggett who is then forced to sit on a bench and watch whilst his teammate visibly struggles through the game and to make matters worse, late in the first half, fails to deal with a cross into the box and subsequently lead to Barnsley taking the lead. The interview with Daniel Farke after the final whistle our Head Coach admitted that Harrison Reed, one of the substitutes was also ill and was never going to come off the bench, what was the point of that? When Tettey went off injured, Wes replaced him because he was fit and not for tactical reasons which the casual observer might have assumed. I simply fail to see how a half fit or injured player can produce a better performance than a fully fit option.

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I have experienced the despair, disgust and anger of this very situation and I will never forget it. A wet, raining, gloomy winters Sunday morning in Peterborough. As a substitute, I ran the ran the line with the flag whilst watching a fellow midfielder hobble round the pitch form the first whistle as he had taken a nasty kick the previous day having played on the Saturday. As expected, I threw my toys out of the pram and refused to come on in the second half whilst still fuming at watching the debacle of a player adding nothing to the game... yes, I am still bitter!

The recent club request to collect £3.5m for the Academy then comes into question. On Tuesday, City started with Murphy and Watkins up front, both have produced poor seasons by our expectations and neither of them look capable at scoring a goal at any time, thankfully Murphy did equalise but then resumed the normal service in the last few moments by sticking a six yarder over the bar... let’s face it, the Under 23 striker standing in the wings, Tristan Abrahams, who has eight goals to his name this season does not stand a chance at getting a game at City which must apply to almost all of the U23 squad – they will either be loaned out and leave or not have their contracts renewed with of course the exception of Jamal Lewis.

Will the better facilities improve the situation? I have serious doubts.

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