Thoughts for Sunday from over the border

Thoughts for Sunday from over the border

So, it’s here again, the East Anglian derby at Carrow Road (I refuse to call it ‘The old farm’, it’s naff). The 55th Norfolk instalment of which Norwich have won 25, Town 17 and 12 draws so far.

Kick off is at its now customary ridiculous time of noon on a Sunday. Why Suffolk and Norfolk rozzers feel the continued need to have it at this time is beyond me, nearly 4000 Leeds fans at Portman Road a few weeks back caused way more problems than you lot ever do, yet that was deemed fine for a Saturday 3pm kick off.

Anyway, that’s a side issue, what do we have in store on Sunday?

I’d be lying if I said I was in any way confident of us breaking our near nine year streak without a win, especially after last week’s non-performance against relegation haunted Burton Albion. Play like that again, and Norwich City get the three points, no question. However, I’ll be surprised if we are capable of playing that badly again, and no-one should need motivating for the derby at Carrow Road.

Our causes for hope on Sunday may not be plentiful, but we do have a few, namely...

  1. Despite the continued doom and gloom around Portman Road, and many poor performances, we are still above you lot in the table, which says something, i.e. you’re not that good either.
  2. There are clearly weak spots in your team which we may be able to exploit, you’re only averaging a goal a game for starters, and though you’ve had some good wins of late, most have only been by one goal. This suggests it should be close at least.
  3. The law of averages. This may well be a case of clutching at straws, but our run has to end sometime soon. The key to ending it could well be keeping Mr Maddison quiet, a player surely destined for a big money summer move, short of you making an unlikely late play-off surge and going up that is.

Also on the City of Yellows Blog:

We’ve got goals in our team, though you wouldn’t have thought it last week, Waghorn has been off form of late but there would be no better time than Sunday for him to get back on track, Garner will be a pest to your back four, but could be a red card waiting to happen, but the trump card, (Knudsen aside) could be Celina. He’s the one player in our team capable of moments of magic. Whether Mick will start him is another matter though. He may well pack the midfield and go for the draw, I don’t know.

I’m not going on Sunday, I go so infrequently these days that I’m way down the priority list and I have next to no chance of getting a ticket before they sell out. I’m not a good armchair viewer of the derby either, so I’ll hide up for two hours, record it, then if we pull off an unlikely victory I’ll watch it, but if we lose I’ll delete it and never speak of it again.

I would normally say, may the best team win, but that’s not the case here, sorry. May ITFC win, whether we deserve it or not. It’s about bloody time we did.


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