The Pukki effect, weak opposition, Preston support and a top keeper

The Pukki effect, weak opposition, Preston support and a top keeper

I have no worries about Teemu Pukki’s dry run and rather than concern myself with that, I’d rather celebrate the season both he produced which the fans have thoroughly enjoyed, he has been truly taken to their hearts of Norfolk.

During this blank run he has continued to chip in with assists but more than that, he is now a heavily marked man which is understandable. The result has been that Pukki’s hard work, a typical unselfish team player, has proved vital in freeing up other players around to contribute with goals.

It’s a team game and the Canaries have still managed to win 10 of their last 12 and succeeded in all of their last seven whilst still scoring plenty of goals. Top of the league and having a laugh!

I also have no worries about QPR and haven’t been concerned about any of the opposition for some time. This is not arrogance, simply that the outcome of the game is based on whether the yellows turn up rather than the opposition. At full speed, the pace and movement from the Canaries has proven to be undefendable.

The R’s are on an awful run and I do not expect that form to be broken on Saturday. Rangers have a reasonable cushion from relegation and are not yet playing for a caretaker rather than a new Manager for this game as I understand it.

Sheffield United and Leeds United both have tough assignments against a very good Preston side over the next couple of games. With home games against lowly QPR and Reading for Norwich I expect the table to improve for the Canaries even further than it currently does.

I sit firmly in the Tim Krul camp. He is a senior player which important through the backbone of a successful side and with an inexperienced backline in front of him. He has masses of International and Premiership experience and was even player of the year at Newcastle.

In his defence, he had some time out the game with an injury and being on the bench at Brighton. The set up at City is to play from the back which relies encourages opposition to press and create mistakes from the goalkeeper and back four. For me, Tim has received unfair criticism from a section of City fans, most who fail to analysis the play leading up to the goals.

Midfielders losing possession and poor positional play from defenders does not receive the same scrutiny in my opinion. I also have complete faith in Daniel Farke on who he selects and why.

I expect a comfortable victory against QPR, 3-1

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