The end of the story

The story so far: Ilford; Swindon; "Bly, Bly, Babes", "Ta Ta Taffees"; Tottenham toppled; Blades blunted; Norwich City of the Third Division were in the semi-final of the FA Cup.

Some extracts from the diary of John (aged 7½)

Saturday 14th March

We drew 1-1 again. Bobby Brennan got an equaliser in the second half. We listened to it all on the wireless. It wasn’t as exciting as some of the other games but we keep winning replays. I’m sure that we can win this one as well.

Sunday 15th March

In the afternoon we went round Grandad’s and he said that we should have won. I knew we had a goal disallowed for pushing their goalie but Grandad was certain that he hadn’t. “I’ll swear to my dying day that Allcock didn’t push the goalie,” he said “We were robbed.” Grandad has been watching Norwich for over 50 years so he must be right and the referee must have been wrong. And we would have been in the Cup Final. He was disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to go the replay which is in Birmingham on Wednesday afternoon.

Monday 16th March

After our teacher had called the register, she said “and now I have some good news for you. The headteacher has said that all classes can listen to the match on the wireless on Wednesday afternoon.”

Tuesday 17th March

I read the Evening News before Dad got home. The team will be Kennon, Thurlow, Ashman, McCrohan, Butler, Crowe, Crossan, Allcock, Bly, Hill, Brennan. It should be Nethercott in goal but he’s still injured. He might not play again this season. I think that we will win 1-0 and that Errol Crossan will score the goal. I wonder if Mum and Dad will let me go to the Cup Final. I won’t ask them yet.

Wednesday 18th March

We lost 1-0. I didn’t cry but some of the girls did. Our teacher said we could do quiet reading for the rest of the afternoon. When I got home, Mum said that a lot of people will be disappointed. I told her that some of the girls had cried. She said that she didn’t realise that the girls in my class liked football. I said that they do now.

Thursday 19th March

I am definitely going to be a Norwich City footballer when I grow up and I will play in the FA Cup final. When I read the Evening News, it said that losing at Luton was ‘the end of the story’.

And there was a cartoon with Canary and Dumplin’ standing outside looking at Wembley Stadium. Underneath it said, ‘We should have been there ‘bor.’ They’re right. We should have been. Tomorrow, I will be 7¾.

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