So just what is my club?

As I sit here pondering my next away trip to Burton Albion just what am I going to support?

Trying to explain to a non football fan just why we do it is hard, you either seem to get it or you don’t. We all know a club is not it’s players, players come and go, hero’s are made (Iwan Roberts if you want to know mine) and villains are made too, as we debate who wasn’t/isn’t fit to wear the shirt. And it isn’t Managers and now Head Coaches.

You don’t have to be born in the Fine City to support the team and we have had different grounds, although I’m not old enough to have sat in any others so far. The board probably lasts a while (currently a big point of discussion!) but again that isn’t my club.

I subscribe to the theory that it goes back to more primitive times (our noisy neighbours down the road are maybe closer to that era than we are 😂) but even for them it’s the same.

The colours of our army are yellow and green although they didn’t start off that way but we follow them into battle on a football pitch, rather than on some far flung battlefield, oh but we still want the taste of victory none the less. We want our army to vanquish our foes and when we do we are on a high, unfortunately likewise when we taste defeat we feel it just as keenly. Our badge is our battle standard but even that can change.

So what is my club? I can’t really put my finger on it really it’s a feeling, a part of me, something deep down in my bones but when I’m together with others that feel it too that togetherness is a powerful thing.

The collective joy of celebrating a goal together (think I remember it!!) cannot be explained to others not in the know, for our army has struck a blow to our enemy and we hope that we win the battle.

So although times are hard at present we all know battles will be won and lost as we follow our Y’army. We have been on a roller coaster for a few years now and I love it, so although we are currently clawing our way up hill, hold on for the ride and we will soon be on the next downhill.

By Mark Pepper

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