Replacing your Canary fix

I've always been club before country and if given the choice would pick Norwich City winning any major competition over England winning the World Cup.

So rather than take in the new UEFA Nations League, I headed to Budapest in Hungary for a long weekend to take in the sights, sounds and beers from this fantastic City built on the impressive river Danube.

My pre travel research established that the top two Hungarian football leagues were taking a break like ours so rather than watch a third tier game, I moved onto other live sport opportunities.

Checking out Icehockey24 I found that second placed Budapest outfit Ferencvaros were at home to mid table Romanian side Gyergyoi in the Erste League, a competition also made up from Austrian clubs.

A Google search for the rink address followed by a Google map check for public transport did the trick. 50 minutes later after a tram and bus and I was in the residential suburbs of south Budapest for a 18:00 face off on the Sunday evening.

Ferencvaros or Ferencvàrosi Torna Club has a number of sporting teams, founded in 1899 they play football in a 22,000 stadium in the top Hungarian league and also have representation in handball, water polo, gymnastics, athletics, wrestling, curling and swimming, all under the impressive colours of green and white.

The football team are famed for beating Juventus 1-0 in 1965 to win the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, losing 1-0 to Leeds in 1968 in the same competition, losing again to Inamorata Kiev in 1975 in the European Cup Winners Cup.

If you are a football nut and haven't been, my guess is you could easily take to ice hockey. It's all action, aggressive, fast and very skilful.

My first and pleasant surprise on entry was the admission price, 1,000 huf (£2.70). The atmosphere was great with both sets of fans sporting their club colours and using drums and traditional chants to motivate the players.

Beer was available from the bars and in the stands (£1.08 half litre) whilst the food on offer was quite different to Delia's offerings. Either huge flattened breaded chicken in a roll, cheese coated bread or my choice, white slices of bread spread with lard dripping and slices of red onion (40p).

The game was close with the three twenty minute periods finishing 2-1, 2-1, 1-2 Ferencvaros holding on and edging it 5-4 in a thrilling finish. The Romanian fans were brilliant by continually cheering the team on and giving their side a standing ovation at the end even though they had lost.

The partisan fans were first class and every single skater took time to show appreciation to the fans. Unlike the Carra, not one fan left until the players had left the rink, something fans could learn from.

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