Party time, playing styles in the Prem, transfers and Villa

Party time, playing styles in the Prem, transfers and Villa

What a fantastic way to enjoy a promotion season, in our own back yard at Carrow Road. The Blackburn game on its own as a great spectacle with the yellow shirts glowing brightly under the Carra floodlights. Two fantastic goals, the second one a ‘worldly’ and the usual pressure of conceding a goal to keep us on the edge of the seats.

The pitch invasion never materialised which then allowed the players, staff, and families plus some superbly selected music to create a brilliant post-match celebration. I really enjoyed the moment as did the stadium when Kenny McLean’s wee youngster ran from the halfway line to score in front of the River End.

I went on to enjoy my own party later in the week with friends in front of the telly and a few beers to watch the entire three and a half hours of Sky coverage thus allowing me to re-live the entire evening once again. It was very enjoyable and included great post-match interviews. It’s only our eleventh promotion in 117 years so well worth the investment of attention.

I will continue to have faith with Stuart Webber and Daniel Farke as we head into the Premier League. They have the nucleus of the squad with the majority of players on long term contracts. I am sure a few, well-chosen team players will be added to the group. I feel the will and determination to continue winning games will still exist next season and look forward to the challenges ahead with excitement. When Lambert took us up, I had exactly the same feeling and that turned out to be a great season.

I do not feel Farke’s style will be anything new to the Premier League. Playing from the back, good passing throughout the pitch, an instant change of tempo and the ability to counterattack already exist. The only difference is that we will not have the issue of fielding players with personal agendas that exist with many clubs, step forward Paul Pogba and Marko Arnautović to name just two.

I am too long in the tooth to get worked up about transfer speculation, I will wait until any deal is done and the lad is photographed with his Canary shirt. As for the recent link with Semi Ajayi the Arsenal lad has now played 80 times for Rotherham, again I have total faith in Webber in whoever he signed and in my opinion on this example, he could well fit the bill.

The key for me is a player who has the right attitude and is on their way up in their career. I do not want to see any Premier League journeyman or a pro who will just want to go through the motions.

Personally, I would want Tim Klose to stay with the club. An experienced Swiss international who has stood by us following relegation and has always given 100% for the Canary cause.

I completely understand why the club has celebrated promotion this week. If we hadn’t and then go on the lose on Sunday, how would that feel? However, I am convinced that the players will be ready for Villa and have had four days to clean their bodies from alcohol.

The stress shackles will be off, they will be focused on picking up a Championship medal, we will turn on the style and win at Villa Park, lift the trophy and then be able to parade it at the Wes vs. Russ game on bank holiday Monday.

Aston Villa 1 Norwich City 3

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