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  • Norwich City v Leicester City Preview
    Norwich City v Leicester City Preview

    I am naturally a disappointed Canary this season, as any fan would be with their club holding up the rest of the division at this stage of the season. My white flag started to wave after the latest defeat at Wolves.

    It’s a strange scenario though for Norwich City fans based on no mass-demonstratio...

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  • Wolves v Norwich City Preview
    Wolves v Norwich City Preview

    After the razzmatazz of witnessing the deluge of plastic glory hunters and 'half scarfs' converging on Carrow Road last weekend, it will be refreshing to return to the normality of two solid clubs battling it out for points on Sunday.

    I love the sound bites coming from Farke and his team, we have...

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  • Be careful what you wish for
    Be careful what you wish for

    Once upon a time, on a small island off the western coast of Europe, there lived a king whose name was Sirob.

    For many years, he had ruled over the kingdom which he had renamed Thucydia, although few knew the reason why.

    Sirob ruled alone save for his solitary advisor, the Grand Vizier, Domcum.


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  • Newcastle United v Norwich City Preview
    Newcastle United v Norwich City Preview

    Last week’s FA Cup tie was an enjoyable distraction from the rigours of Premier League football. The game seemed to follow a very similar pattern to the previous tie with Preston North End.

    The changed line up in both games produced extremely open games with plenty of chances for both sides plus p...

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  • Football after Brexit
    Football after Brexit

    Never send to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.

    Act V, Scene 1

    Enter two clowns with spades etc. “Nice to give us a break from the ol’ grave-diggin’ for a day, innit.” “Yeah...but we’re on BONG duty on Friday night, y’know.” “Oh, yeah...that’ll be a laugh. Shall we ‘ave a practice...

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