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  • Meet a City fan series - No.2
    Meet a City fan series - No.2

    Today’s featured fan is a top bloke who really knows how to make a home match part of a complete day of activity and entertainment.

    This involves beers and chat to create quality pre-match build-up and post-match analysis to pull the game apart in some of the great pubs which make Norwich the ’Fi...

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  • Meet a City fan series - No.1
    Meet a City fan series - No.1

    Whilst we cope with football lockdown, I have taken the opportunity to interview a mixture of Norwich fans to find about what makes them tick.

    Today’s fan is a 50’s something who would best describe himself as a bluff old traditionalist. A chap locked in the 70's and 80's who struggles with change...

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  • Anyone for Sunday ‘pub’ football?
    Anyone for Sunday ‘pub’ football?

    For many City fans, the weekend would involve three key ingredients, a relaxing ’few’ beers to wash away the grit and grime from a week’s work, a trip to the sacred Carra or further afield with the y’army in hope of climbing the table and the final piece of the jigsaw being the excitement of getting...

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  • The last big break from footy
    The last big break from footy

    Before daily coverage of live football on TV, playoffs, lengthy summer tournaments and millionaire footballers, football was much simpler.

    Long cricket laden summers, Australian football pools coupons and plenty of time to build up the passion and excitement for the Saturday 3pm kickoffs up and d...

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  • Be careful what you wish for: Part II
    Be careful what you wish for: Part II

    The story so far: Bored after many years of being monarch of all he surveyed in the kingdom that he had renamed Thucydia, King Sirob - to bring some fun back to his life - was instructed by his Grand Vizier, Domcum, to use compulsory purchase powers to take control of a football club in the province...

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