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  • Can Madders’ past predict his future?
    Can Madders’ past predict his future?

    An English attacker who uses his brain to help him bring unselfish and consistent quality on the pitch, and to keep his confidence in-check. A young footballer who is visibly grateful for any opportunity he is given, sharing mutual respect with coaches and fans alike. A young, English footballer who...

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  • What might have been
    What might have been

    I have written before about the highs and lows of being a Norwich City fan, but there was a season just before the Premier League which for me highlights the joy and the pain of following the boys in yellow and green.

    It was season 1991/92, I had been a season ticket holder in the 70’s and 80..

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  • Where are City?... Oh another international break
    Where are City?... Oh another international break

    The final dreaded fortnight-long international break is currently with us, and club football action is set to resume again over Easter with Fulham due next at the Carra. But that is not before everyone associated with clubs, that had their players in action, fretting over the possible consequences o...

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  • What's the point of being a fringe player at Norwich City?
    What's the point of being a fringe player at Norwich City?

    Watching the Barnsley game on Tuesday and if my memory serves me correctly, it was around the 61st minute when the Norwich City defence had just tracked back to clear another purposeful Tykes attack. In the 18 yard box stood Christoph Zimmerman leaning forward with his hands on his knees and attem...

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  • Don't panic Mr Mainwaring!
    Don't panic Mr Mainwaring!

    Yes, of course Norwich City fans want success, another promotion, another trip to Wembley. The final embers, IMO, have now gone out for this season and I realise and understand why some of you gave up weeks ago. Daniel Farke talked in this weeks programme notes on the nature of footy compared to m...

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