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  • Why demonise Paul Lambert?
    Why demonise Paul Lambert?

    Saturday’s chant from the Barclay End was sad. After a six strange years in a series of managerial roles that - for a variety of reasons – didn’t work out, he has been given the opportunity to revitalise a struggling Championship club. That it happens to be Ipswich Town is surely irrelevant.


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  • The Perfect Penalty: An Ex-Keeper’s Perspective
    The Perfect Penalty: An Ex-Keeper’s Perspective

    Another matchday, another victory for Norwich City as their fantastic form continues, and I couldn’t be more delighted. But having witnessed another Norwich striker bungle another penalty at Carrow Road, I feel the time is now right to shine a new light on the seemingly unanswerable question: how...

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  • Mine is definitely bigger than yours
    Mine is definitely bigger than yours

    Many of the you may well have noticed, read, voted or commented on the recent EFL fans Facebook page as to whether the small town in Suffolk is a 'bigger' club than the one which currently, is a mere 15 points ahead and 18 places higher, described as 'The Fine City' and is the Capital of East Anglia...

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  • Look back on Villa and forward to Brentford
    Look back on Villa and forward to Brentford

    There is a very different atmosphere in and around Norwich City at present. There is a real sense of belonging and working as a team both on the field and in the stands.

    When Villa scored the opener, the Barclay immediately set off a resounding chorus of 'One the ball City' whilst all home fans c...

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  • Replacing your Canary fix
    Replacing your Canary fix

    I've always been club before country and if given the choice would pick Norwich City winning any major competition over England winning the World Cup.

    So rather than take in the new UEFA Nations League, I headed to Budapest in Hungary for a long weekend to take in the sights, sounds and beers f...

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