Norwich City v Leicester City Preview

Norwich City v Leicester City Preview

I am naturally a disappointed Canary this season, as any fan would be with their club holding up the rest of the division at this stage of the season. My white flag started to wave after the latest defeat at Wolves.

It’s a strange scenario though for Norwich City fans based on no mass-demonstrations, no dissent in the stands and no cries in the press for a change in management which are normally associated with relegation seasons.

There are, of course, plenty of 'fans' on social media letting off steam suggesting we haven’t invested enough in the club. Is money the only answer!? (Please refer once again to Fulham last season.)

Stuart Webber has said all along that the club is prepared for relegation, this certainly lowered expectations amongst most fans.

We started the season on the wrong foot with one centre back available and three injured, two of which were preseason operations and were expected to be out. Why we didn’t get Leicester’s club captain Wes Morgan on loan I do not know, he appears to have hardly played this season?

With the lowest recruitment budget by a country mile, the writing was on the wall. Having said that, Villa have spent a package and are no better than us, whilst the Blades have stormed up the league showing respect for no one.

I am still fully behind Daniel Farke, he is a top guy. Areas for debate, or criticism, include sticking to his single-minded philosophy on how the game should be played with the resources he has to hand. These include knowing when to play the ball out from the back and when to launch it upfield, zonal marking which has not been executed well and late substitutions.

I am not a fan of Brendan Rodgers so wasn’t expecting much from him this season, his interviews offer nothing on note or entertainment. On the pitch, however, he has exceeded my expectations.

At one point Leicester looked real competition for the top two. Sitting comfortably in third and destined for another crack at the Champions League.

There is no reason why Leicester can’t do well as the club is continuing to build momentum and can expect to progress beyond the group stages.

Norwich are probably a little short on leaders and therefore the Premier League and International experience from Tim Krul has been vital to organise an extremely young back four and on on quite a few occasions a defence with a midfielder playing centre back.

He has also been under pressure most of the time at the back with the enforced philosophy of playing the ball out from the back no matter the extent of the pressing by the opposition.

Looking back to the last meeting of the two sides, it was yet again another game that Norwich should have won this season. We have lost of drawn so many games from winning positions this season. If results were based on the first half, the Canaries would be in the top half.

My heart is saying 2-1 to the Canaries on Friday night, but my head says 1-0 to the Foxes.

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