Transfer hysteria and Murphy vs. Mendez-Laing

Transfer hysteria and Murphy vs. Mendez-Laing

I love the close season, firstly it's a break from football which frees up weekends for a few weeks, mainly though it offers the opportunity to watch through the press, media and sitings in Asda and Morrisons of players like Lionel Messi who have just popped in to fill up with diesel and pick up a Ginsters and Crunchie before providing a signature on the doted line at NR1 1JE.

There is quite a lot of mixed opinion about the departure of our very own Josh Murphy. The feedback appears to voice in order of popularity with...

  1. We received very good money for Josh
  2. It won't be reinvested in transfer and wages fees
  3. Murph was inconsistent and fluffed his lines too often
  4. He was a jewel in City's crown with 15 goals last season
  5. With him and Madders going we will have no scoring capabilities and are doomed to relegation
  6. He will be replaced with a substandard third division German
  7. Other fringe players can step forward... Todd Cantwell
  8. The door opens for Onel Hernandez to shine

My spin is that Josh has been frustrating in producing quality only in flashes and I'm not sure he has the mental strength to play a full part in a promotion chasing team, he just appears to me that he doesn't bust a gut in yellow and green and drops his head too often. It will be fascinating to see how Warnock manages him.

I would like to bring a Cardiff City footballer into discussion who I see as a typical Warnock player.

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Step forward Nathaniel Otis Mendez-Laing. A winger who played 38 times and scored six goals for the Bluebirds last season. At the age of 26, he is a journeyman who was picked up from Rochdale for not 11 million, instead for £100,000.

He started at Wolves and has gone on to play for Peterborough, Sheffield Utd, Portsmouth, Shrewsbury and Cambridge, many of them on loan. Why should a player of such dubious pedigree successfully hold onto a shirt in a promotion winning season.  

The reason I believe that Cardiff are in the Premier League next season and Norwich City are not is down to Cardiff being a TEAM of footballers who want to play with and for each other. Hard working, dedicated, unselfish personalities who will grind out results the ugly way with a manager who knows how to get the best from the available resources, just consider the job they did on us at the end of season at Carrow Road. They won 2-0 with late goals. Cardiff produced more shots on target from less opportunities, had 33% and managed 23 fouls compared to eight by the Canaries.

My guess is that Neil Warnock will find hidden depths, mental and physical strengths in Josh that City were never able to tap into or he simply will not get a game in a blue shirt plus he will have to learn how to make hard tackles like he means it!

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