Norwich City FC, the World Cup and cycling connection

Norwich City FC, the World Cup and cycling connection

Yellow = Winners

As the Norwich City season comes to a close inevitably we’ll all be looking for another outlet for our sporting passions. Of course during June and July there will be the opportunity to congregate by TV sets at home and in bars across the land to watch the World Cup, dressed in our Countries colours, clutching the badges on our chests, fingers crossed in silent prayer for an escape from the Group into the Knockouts. But when that’s over, what next?

As a Norwich fan the obvious place to transfer your allegiance during the weeks of July is cycling’s biggest event - the Tour De France. Why? Because the guy wearing yellow is always the one at the top of the table. What’s more, now more than ever, there’s a plethora of British/Irish talent (some of them even born here) vying to wear that fabled jersey. Introducing... Adam Yates, Geraint Thomas, Chris Froome & Dan Martin to name but a few. Chris Froome could potentially be attempting to claim his fifth overall win and his fourth Grand Tour in a row (there are three Grand Tours – races of 20 stages over three weeks in Italy, France & Spain) since he currently holds the French and Spanish titles and is currently competing in the 101st Giro D’Italia.

There’s also a Manxman called Mark Cavendish who is second in the all-time Tour De France stage wins list and will be looking to try to win a few more to overtake the cycling legend that is Eddie Merckx.

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So, three weeks, twenty stages, some on flat roads where you get to see the excitement of a sprint finish, some up mountains where specialist climbers will try their luck against their fellows and the thinning air and some against the clock where the riders go solo and bury themselves to gain precious time!

But what’s it got to do with football? Well I point you to Geoff Thomas, ex of Crystal Palace, who last year cycled all three Grand Tours a day ahead of the race to raise money for charity. I give you Paul McVeigh (Canary from 2000 to 2007) who cycled from Belfast to London in 2011 for a worthy cause and Iwan Roberts and Craig Fleming who kickstarted a static bike challenge in 2012. Not enough? The Norwich Cycle Swarm is an annual event that this year kicks off from Carrow Road on 1st July and attracts in excess of 500 riders.

Yellow – colour of winners... sometimes!!

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