No more heroes anymore

Fans this season have been complaining about the bland football on show at Carrow Road, from lack of chances created to poor defending and a seeming reluctance from anyone to try and take the game by the scruff of the neck.

Whilst the squad no doubt has some talent (Mr Maddison being one), there are no players to get you off your seat any more.

Some could argue since Paul Lambert departed, the squad has slowly been dismantled by ‘safety first’ manager who’s idea of slow tempo build up play to try and grind out a 1-0 or simply to “not lose” is the boards idea of success. Keep the fans happy without having to take a risk.

I first started going to Carrow Road as a 10 year old in 1991, Back then as a young boy every game was exciting and EVERY player was a hero, but looking back now we did have the men to get fans off their seats.

A Ruel Fox dribble, Robert Fleck on the volley, Bryan Gunn making the impossible possible and saving us another vital 3 points with a top corner tip.

As the seasons went on and trips to Europe saw Ekoku, Goss and Bowen move on, we had new heroes, Eadie, Roberts, Huckerby, Fleming and more.

The type of player who wins games is the one who’ll take the risk, and that’s what the class of 2017/18 currently misses.

Finances and manager suitability apart the fans are crying out for someone who can lead, inspire and change the game for the better.

I’ve said on various platforms recently that the board are now scared to take a risk, without this turning into a post about whether it’s time for Delia and MWJ to sell up (it is!) it is time for them to dig deep and fund a move like that of Huckerby, get the fans onside and have a match winner taking to the pitch.

We may lose players in the coming window but how many of them will we remember in 6, 12 or even eighteen months time?

Time for new heroes.


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