Nelson Oliveira - No more heroes anymore more?

Nelson Oliveira - No more heroes anymore more?

Ok, so I've tried to shoehorn the tenuous link with 'one of our own' Horatio Nelson and the the great post punk single from the Stranglers. It would however seem that the attacking edge to the Canaries this season has well and truly been strangled?

Has Nelson Oliveria been meeting expectations this season? Are talented players temperamental? If a striker doesn't score goals, does that make him a failure? Can a team afford to carry 'bad apples' in a squad? How frustrating is it to play a style that does benefit a certain player's strength? All these questions and more are being discussed before, at half time and in the pub after another City/Nelson display of firing more blanks at the opposition goal.

Remember that when Nelson joined City, he had a reputation of not being prolific in front of goal, a guy who could be found deep infield rather than on the shoulders of defenders on occasions and one who had failed to hold down a regular birth at any club but also a player who Nottingham Forest management and fans, due to financial reasons, were disappointed to lose to at that time, 'money bags' Norwich City. 

Starting his career at Benfica in 2009, Nelson Miguel Castro Oliveira was loaned out to clubs on seven occasions. At Forest he managed nine goals from 29 games, whist at City, it currently stands at 18 from 52 outings, on par I would suggest. Some Norwich fans blame him for laziness, personally  I feel he is skilful, takes responsibility (Wants to take penalties) and desperately wants to score goals. I make the final point when considering Cameron Jerome who often got into some great scoring positions an then decided to look for someone square, often in a worst position and would often lay it off rather than wind his foot back and give it some hammer.

Having played a lot of team sport and coached teams and individuals, what I look for are mindsets that display guts, determination, a will to win and above all can demonstrate togetherness. A team should always produce more that the sum parts of the individuals.

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What I can not cope with are 'team players' who sulk, give up or believe they are better than everyone else, that's not how efficient engines perform. Two great 'teams' that Spring to mind were FA Cup winners, Wimbledon who smacked Liverpool firmly on the nose in 1988, a massive achievement which did not get the coverage it deserved and Greece who won the European Championship in Portugal in 2004. Good players who played as a team and beat team who had all the 'stars'.

As for Daniel Farke's frank and honest views on Nelson, the press and fans crave news and an open forum. The opposite would moaning about closed doors and having to lean on rumour. I know which one I prefer. 

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