Mine is definitely bigger than yours

Mine is definitely bigger than yours

Many of the you may well have noticed, read, voted or commented on the recent EFL fans Facebook page as to whether the small town in Suffolk is a 'bigger' club than the one which currently, is a mere 15 points ahead and 18 places higher, described as 'The Fine City' and is the Capital of East Anglia.

The war of words appear to discuss Bayern Munich, League Cups, Premiership Seasons, UFEA Cups, League titles and England Managers. For me, statistics can be interpreted in many ways, just listen to differing political commentaries for examples.

There is of course no rules to judge who is the 'bigger' club. Benchmarks could be made on ground capacity, fanbase, average attendances, turnover, value of playing staff, shirt sales, season ticket sales, age of club, trophies... whatever.

There are some truly weird examples of clubs who have delusions of grandeur. Did you know that the last time Newcastle won a major domestic title? The great Jackie Milburn was playing for the Magpies when literally everything was in black and white, 1956!

What does grind my cogs is how the media cuddles up to whom its consider to be 'big clubs'. Today's Social Media suggested that City experienced this issue with bias coverage of Villa during Tuesday's Sky coverage.

From my perspective, I am in delight every time a 'big club' gets turned over by a smaller one. I found it laughable that on Tuesday Jose Mourinho was moaning about the lack of spending power for ManUre after another embarrassing failure, he should try managing Macclesfield's budget?

A team which has never been a big club, yet in my eyes has achieved a great feat most recently could be Leicester after winning the Premier League, however I would give it to Wimbledon. A humble background coming from the Southern League to later become a credible top league side who could beat anyone on their day and showed no respect to 'big clubs'. With a small stadium and fanbase to then go on and beat a star studied Liverpool at Wembley in the FA Cup final... Roy of the Rovers stuff that makes football the great game it is.

Where would football be without banter, a poor place. Anyway, for the record and based on my measuring stick, Norwich is a a far bigger club than Ipswich, just check to see when they last beat us... let the bragging rights roll on!

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