Meet a City fan series - No.2

Meet a City fan series - No.2

Today’s featured fan is a top bloke who really knows how to make a home match part of a complete day of activity and entertainment.

This involves beers and chat to create quality pre-match build-up and post-match analysis to pull the game apart in some of the great pubs which make Norwich the ’Fine City’ it is.

You might also find him gigging locally or busking outside Jarrolds early doors providing the percussion for the famous He Hews.

Introducing John Clarke.

How do you come to be a City fan?

I lived in Swaffham, and my Mum and Dad would take me to the footy when I was aged nine or ten. I remember making a scrapbook of the promotion to the First Division in 1972. Obviously, I had the Subbuteo team!

We would always get there early so I could get to the front – would wait where the players parked their cars, behind the River End, and got loads of autographs, including Martin Peters!

It was in 1985, when work took me to Norwich, that I became a regular at Carrow Rud and a season ticket holder

Do you remember your first match?

I seem to remember it being a 0-0 home to Leyton Orient – that would have been 1971 according to the records!

Who did you go with?

Mum and Dad initially... then I was “Billy no mates” in the River End for a few years before moving to my current seat, front row, City Stand. Steve Jones to the left of me and Paul Bush to the right! I love the whole day and there is a load of us who go out before and after the game, usually the Wig and Pen and/or Pig and Whistle.

Which part of the ground have you spent the most time and why?

Front row City stand since 1996. Love being close to the action with the opportunity for banter with the opposition subs. On one occasion I got into a discussion with Chelsea striker Willian pointing out that City could offer him a starting role if he signed for us, a shame he didn’t take my advice, would have been a handy addition.

What is your fondest memory as a City fan?

It has to be the playoff final against Middlesbrough in 2015. I’ve always dreamed of seeing Norwich win at Wembley. I still can’t believe it actually happened.

Who would you most like to watch a City game with? Past or living?

Well Frank Sinatra of course, although not sure how interested he would have been or how much he would have enjoyed the Pig and Whistle... so maybe... Danny Baker – a genius. 606 was such a breath of fresh air – Danny never wanted callers discussing tactics – the best call was when a Dundee fan called to say his Dad had made him a big rosette out of plywood – seek it out on Google!

Who is your favourite City player ever and why?

Hucks – for the excitement and anticipation within the stadium every time he got the ball. It’s why we go to football.

What is the best game you have attended?

I loved the playoff semi-final win against Ipswich, however, beating the Premier League champions Manchester City takes some beating.

Who is your favourite manager and why?

Daniel Farke – simply the best football I have ever seen at Carrow Road.

What is your analysis of this season?

Usually, the league position doesn’t lie but it could have been so different.

We have played some amazing football but not clinical enough when we have had the chances.

VAR needs sorting – I was always keen for it to be introduced for “clear and obvious errors” only. But the offside “close calls” are ridiculous. If the linesman could not have reasonably spotted it then the goal should stand.

What is the best outcome to complete this season?

Well, watching the news, football does not seem that important. I don’t think games should be played behind closed doors – that’s like the Theatre Royal putting on performances with no audience.

I am not sure if the season will be completed – just hope they don’t relegate us based on current position – if they do, I can hear the sound of lawyers sharpening their pencils.

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