Life after Madders, step forward Kenny McLean

Life after Madders, step forward Kenny McLean

Breaking news... life will continue as we know it, or is just be that I am a realist or getting too long in the tooth to get worked up? Norwich City are about to start life in the Championship for the third season running whilst James Maddison has grabbed the opportunity to play for a club who won the Premier League in 2015/16 and one of only six teams since its inception in 1992. The following season, they were quarter finalists in the Champions League and have money to burn with a foreign investor.

There is simply no comparison at this moment in time. Norwich City however are 'self funding' have a £20 million deficit to cover and simply can offer a future suitable to a player that I am convinced will be a future regular in an England shirt, time will tell of course. My only quibble might be how long it took to give Maddison a first team shirt.

Signing in February 2016, he made his league debut in April 2017 having played 11 and 14 games respectively for Coventry and Aberdeen on loan. The way he instantly looked completely at home in the Championship suggests to me we missed an opportunity to blood him earlier.

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Madders has been a breath of fresh air at City. He has bossed games, been double marked, suffered more than fouls than any other player, led by example, twisted and turned, threaded passes through the eye of a needle and scored some absolute beauties, thank you James Maddison.

The players are back in training and potential replacements and additions are filtering through the media sources and for me it makes for interesting times leading up to the first league game in August.

For me, I'm looking forward to the arrival of 26 year old Kenny McLean. A player who started at Rangers, played 131 games for St Mirren and a further 126 times for Aberdeen producing a career tally of 39 goals. A centre midfield playmaker who likes to create, assist, attack and finish when the opportunity arises. With City playing one up front, he could prove to be an exciting asset by joining up in areas where we can get excited... fingers crossed.

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