It's almost October

So that’s another season over: a really interesting Test series against India and next year the World Cup and the Ashes. What can we do to fill in the time?

I guess it’s time for attention to switch to the winter game...... oh, they started at the beginning of August, did they? Seems a tad early but, to be fair, three months is a long time for addicts to be deprived of their fix although wasn’t there an overseas tournament in the middle of summer? In Russia, wasn’t it? That’s why a lot of pubs were so full on a few evenings. Who won?

Ah...... no wonder M. Macron is proving so bullish in his Brexit statements. Deal or No Deal? Actually, it might not be a bad idea for Noel Edmonds to take over the negotiations; perhaps with Mr Blobby as his special adviser.

Anyway, what’s Herr Farke been up to over the cricket season? Certainly seems as if he’s taking full advantage of the free movement of EU citizens before the entry gate from this particular recruiting ground slams shut (why should it just be the transfer window that ‘slams shut’?). Quite liked the look of Leitner last season – I’m glad he’s back - and someone mentioned that he scored in a Sunday match earlier this month.

Good...... then there seemed to be a bit of a break during the Oval Test. Like that idea, would make sense if it happened every year. Any opportunity to extend summer deeper into September is to be welcomed.

Talking of free movement, Portugal’s in the EU so is that why Basil, sorry, Nelson (d’) Oliveira seems to be holding on to see whether reciprocal residents’ rights will be agreed? But if ‘Brexit means Brexit’ does that mean we will be deprived of the services of any more moody, disrespectful Portuguese strikers?

How many games gone already? Nine, really? – and we’re still in the Milk Cup? I know that’s not what it’s called now, but it was when we won it. To be honest, I’m quietly looking forward to another seven months of mid-table Championship football but must remember to switch off Radio Norfolk immediately after the commentary on away games has finished; CCAS (Canary Call Avoidance Strategy) is essential to retain sanity.

Wigan on Saturday...... just the kind of fixture to whet the appetite as we strive for another season of modest achievement, it’ll be good to meet for the pre-match inquest; walk up those same steps; queue for the gents at half-time; assemble for the post-match inquest – rancorous (lost), less rancorous (drawn), jubilant (won) – and sidle off up King Street to face the rest of the weekend. I‘m sure it was better when it was home to Brucie’s Generation Game and we had sprats for tea but time moves on.

Yes, it’s been a really good summer, first 2019 fixture likely to be Sunday April 14th and I’ve already got my tickets for next August’s Edgbaston Test but, meanwhile, let’s enjoy some football!

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