Don't panic Mr Mainwaring!

Yes, of course Norwich City fans want success, another promotion, another trip to Wembley. The final embers, IMO, have now gone out for this season and I realise and understand why some of you gave up weeks ago. Daniel Farke talked in this weeks programme notes on the nature of footy compared to many other sports. Mainly on how how teams who deserve to win, don't necessarily pick up the points.

The last five draws could easily have been five wins, if, but, when, could I hear you say. In the majority of those games we have had better possession, more corners and more shots on and off target. We also have more shots blocked which obviously suggests a lot about our tactics. Looking at Tuesday's display, it would appear that tactics were definitely evolving. The tendency to play from the back and draw the opposition forward was still in evidence but added to that was a number of long balls produced mostly from Hanley to suggest Farke is attempting to mix up forward play.

Had those draws been wins, we would be level sixth with Middlesbrough....fine margins.

The the last couple of seasons we could score goals for fun and of course concede them at our leasure. All too late for our brief Premier League visit, we have finally offloaded those who were simply not good enough for that standard or were well past their sell buy date. The overweight, sluggish Ruddy has gone and Captain Calamity, our dear Russell Martin is now at the right level, playing pub football where his side only has to defend four times a season when playing their neighbours.

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The positive is we are now organised, solid and have employed a group of defenders who know their job. As for central defenders, step forward Grant Hanley, a real chunk of Scottish granite, the real deal when it comes to making challenges with his whole body and never showing any pain when getting any physical feedback. A major success for this season alongside Madders of course.

A great team builds from the back, the pieces are starting to come together. Let's not forget, in 90 minutes of play we have now only lost one in thirteen attempts. I know it's tough but for me, I will develop my patience for the time being.

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