Chucklevision... Chuckle, Chuckle... Vision

Chucklevision... Chuckle, Chuckle... Vision

To me, to you, to me, to you... It would appear that Daniel Farke is basing his footballing tactics on the comedy duo and Rotherham fans, Paul and the late great Barry Chuckle.

The 10 changes which started the game against Stevenage were drilled to perfection in the art of slowing the game to a snail's pace. The first meaningful attack witnessed resulted in Dereham boy, Todd Cantwell, taking the attack along the flank of the City Stand at good pace towards the Barclay and on reaching the 18 yard box, hitting the brakes.

Rather than launching a defence splitting cross onto the head of Srbeny, he decided to (or maybe he was following orders?) turn 180 degrees and pass the ball back to a teammate in a less threatening position.

I am sure you can workout what happened next? A precession of sideways and back passes until eventually play and possession were conceded.

I feel that at 55 and following a knee cruciate operation and dodgy hip I could still do a job in the City midfield. I can stand in space on my heels, not threaten the opposition and lay off cheap, short passes to a colleague in a similar non threatening position or play up front and wait for 30 minutes for someone to eventually play an attacking ball through.

The strong, tall, organised free transfers from Hertfordshire were virtually impregnable. As they were given so much time to set their stall out.

Congratulations to Mo Leitner who crossed for Marco Steipermann to score with his head, I am sure that the 'Boro defence were shocked as was Marco with the ball arriving into the danger zone of the six yard box.

This patten continued until Kenny McClean appeared after the break to launch some defender turning attacked and then the 'different class' approach of Onel Henandez who scared the opposition every time he had the ball at his feet. The 10% of the game produced 90% of the attempts on goal.

Teemu Pukki produced a great goal from a stretched defence trying to clear the ball and based on his Bromby strikes, a typical precision finish from around the edge of the box.

Sheffield United will be interesting...

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