Can you successfully predict the outcome?

Can you successfully predict the outcome?

Sometimes it takes just one event for the mood music to change. When all seemed desperate after the Watford result, 95 minutes at Goodison Park could have provided that event.

One returning German – who would have had no chance of securing enough points to be granted a post-Brexit work visa when he arrived in summer 2017 – and suddenly, everything looks very different.

Add a stellar performance from Dereham’s finest and a bundle-in from marauding Denis – another whose points total would have him quickly returned to sender by the border guards at Stansted Airport – and, wow, it’s 18th place... and if, next Sunday, Arsenal are still led by ‘Dick’ Emery – "Oh! You are awful, but I like you" – then, possibly, it could be above the broken line on 1st December.

But what of 12th December? With opinion polls indicating a substantial lead for the most mendacious British political leader since the 18th century – the current incumbent of 10 Downing Street makes Lloyd George appear a figure of the utmost integrity – what might be ‘the event’ for the electoral arithmetic to start to shift: a leak of the full Russia report? Jennifer Arcuri suing for breach of promise? Come to think of it, if Johnson – who should NEVER be referred to as ‘Boris’, he’s not your mate – were to be sued for his multiple breaches of promise then even the resources of several Russian oligarchs might be stretched to foot the bill.

There are still over two weeks left and we should never forget the main principle of chaos theory: any event produces a non-linear impact – fractal mathematics, if you prefer. Prediction is ultimately a flawed activity as any single event produces infinitely complex outcomes.

Those determined to avoid an action of monumental national self-harm must be ready to seize ‘the event’ and strike hard to ensure its impact on the voting decisions of the undecided and the absurdly tribal.

Tribalism is a natural human phenomenon with its roots in our primitive need to band together for security. It’s utterly harmless in some spheres of life, our affiliation to a football club being a perfect example. But, those of you with a political inclination to the orange who dwell in the northern half of the Fine City and its adjacent suburbs and villages– think: whatever your reservations about the reds, if you’re serious about "Bollocks to Brexit" you have to swallow hard and unseat a marginal blue... and for those of a red persuasion in Cromer, Holt, Sheringham, North Walsham, Stalham and the villages of the broad acres of God’s Own County, please recognise that a shift to orange will block the blue.

If PV supporters get their act together then we can take the first steps towards escaping from this nightmare and re-focus our attention on the Premiership table.

OTBC, of course, but even more importantly #GetJohnsonOut.

J.H Norvic

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