Big time Charlie’s need not apply

Big time Charlie’s need not apply

There has been plenty of Canary fans flapping their wings profusely on social media at the thought of starting the season without any high profile, Premier League, ‘been there, done it’ professional footballers signing for our club.

We are in my opinion very fortunate to be staring the season with Webber and Farke still at the helm. They both have unfinished business and both have been quite clear regarding the strategy of the club. Post last season, Stuart was interviewed and was crystal clear in explaining the poor state he found the club in when he joined, namely debt-ridden and containing a non-competitive and overpaid playing squad. He said it was his responsibility that City did not find itself in the same position again.

The ‘old school’ overpaid/underperforming/injury prone/misfit playing and backroom staff have moved on, will be moving on or have now been released; Naismith, Oliveria, Jarvis, Watkins, Martin, Husband, Marshall, to name just a few.

City have achieved promotion ahead of time in just two seasons with recruits none of us had heard of including Zimmerman, Hernandez, Stiepermann, Leitner, Vrancic, Trybull, Pukki and Buendia. It has been so refreshing to see players join the club who are unselfish team players, appreciate playing for the yellow and green army and are hungry for success.

Webber has said he does not want players with the wrong attitude joining the fold and especially those with a millionaire attitude who could then unsettle the strict wage structure at Carrow Road.

There has been a number of hopefully excellent acquisitions to bolster the Under 23 squad. Let’s not forget the success story that is James Maddison. It has also been a joy to see Aarons, Godfrey, Lewis and Cantwell develop into first-team players.

I am much happier that we are not following the path fellow promoted team, Aston Villa, who are throwing cash at building their squad.

Bring on the big-time Charlie’s of the Premiership!

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