Ben Stokes, Brexit and turning over the Citizens

Ben Stokes, Brexit and turning over the Citizens

Well, that’s another season over. Now, what was I saying five months ago?

The CWC: what a competition and what a final. Given his past misdemeanours, Ben Stokes might have to wait for that knighthood but it will come in the end. Just ask Sir Geoffrey.

The Ashes: despite Stokes at Headingley, it wasn’t what we wanted and have to acknowledge the runs of a man-machine, who doesn’t seek to present himself as the Incredible Hulk, whose assumption of the royal prerogative was not – one must concede – accurately forecast before the summer began.

The People’s Vote and, by the autumn, the revocation of Article 50: watch this space on this one as, in the latest episode, the Hulk himself faces the judgement of the Supreme Court in his endeavour to emulate Charles I (beheaded) and James II (ran away – but not from a press conference in Luxembourg).

I guess that the good guys are just ahead at the moment (6:5 will do nicely in the Supreme Court; it’s a wider margin than 51.9% to 48.1%)... and 3-2 margins will do very nicely indeed in a more local context.

For my re-introduction to the winter game, the despatch of Sheikhdom Rovers was - in true Colemanballs vernacular – "quite remarkable!" In the last fifty years of Canary-spectating, I can only recall three other occasions - Crystal Palace 1973; Ipswich 1985 and Bayern Munich 1993 – where the atmosphere was the equal of last Saturday.

Although it would be invidious to highlight specific individuals in what was an exceptional team performance, the names of home debutants, Amadou and Byram cannot be passed by. Has anyone enjoyed a more sensational first 90 minutes at Carrow Road since Laurie Sheffield in 1967? (The occasion is not referenced in his Wikipedia entry, so you’ll have to research a little harder).

The hallmark of the provenance of Dereham, York, Luton or Kolka may not attract the same degree of attention as those of Europe’s more illustrious cities but, Liam Gallagher, your boys took a hell of a beating. It would be cruel not to mention our magnificent goalkeeper (sorry!), but with a Lord Mayor, a non-stop Norwegian with a knobbly knee and the natural heir to Maradona what more do we need?

We may not have the Incredible Hulk – who would want John Parkin’s political doppelganger in the squad? – but we have our own Superman... "all the Germans"? On Saturday, he was the only one apart, of course, from the man in the dug-out. Settled Status, anyone? One assumes that there are members of government who are ready to serve deportation papers on Herr Farke on November 1st.

So, where do we go from here? Burnley, Palace, Villa, Bournemouth before the other Mancs roll into the Fine City and October 31st looms.

Five points minimum, with an outside chance of seven, would be very acceptable before the deadline. And a further extension with the PV and Revocation not too far behind. That will do.

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