1959: Tottenham

The story so far. Ilford, Swindon, "Bly, Bly, Babes", "Ta, Ta, Taffees" and on to...

Saturday 14th February 1959

We drew 1-1 at Tottenham so there’s going to be a replay on Wednesday evening and Dad said we can try and get tickets. Mr Smith who lives at number 40 is going to take us down there in his car at half past eight. He’s got a big Ford Zephyr.

I went and bought a Pink Un and a packet of fruit gums. I was hoping there was going to be another really clever headline but it just said ‘It’s a Replay’. If I was the writer I would have put ‘So So Spurs’. I think I’d make a good football writer.

Sunday 15th February

We have got our tickets. We got there about quarter to nine and had to queue for about an hour and a half before we got through the turnstile. We then walked to church and got there just in time so I had to go to Sunday school but I didn’t really mind because we had our tickets.

I didn’t have much for tea because I wasn’t feeling very well. I also had a sore throat. Mum said that it was probably too much excitement.

Monday 16th February

I am only writing something in my diary because it was my New Year’s resolution. The doctor came round just after dinner time and said that I have tonsillitis. My throat is burning and Mum says my glands are up. I might not be able to go to the match on Wednesday.

I was in bed until the doctor came but Mum came upstairs and told me we would be away at Sheffield United if we beat Tottenham.

Tuesday 17th February

Mum and Dad have both said that I can’t go and Dad has sold my ticket to someone at work whose son will go instead. It isn’t fair. Why do I have to have tonsillitis? I don’t want to be seven. I want to be seventeen and not have tonsillitis. Dad is going but Mum did say that I can stay up and listen to the commentary on the wireless.

My throat is still very sore. I had scrambled eggs for tea but no toast. Mum keeps telling me to drink Lucozade which I don’t like very much.

Wednesday 18th February

I feel a bit better today but Mum says I still wouldn’t have been able to go even if Dad hadn’t sold my ticket. I am writing my diary in the afternoon as I will be listening to the commentary this evening. We had sausages and mashed potatoes for dinner but I only had one sausage. I usually have two.

Thursday 19th February

We won 1-0 and Terry Bly scored... but I wasn’t there. Me and Mum listened to it on the wireless and even Mum jumped up and cheered when we scored. I think we’ll beat Sheffield United.

To be continued...

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